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Are you a home school family getting stuck in your attempts at drawing or painting?

Do you love the idea of drawing what you see in nature but don’t know where to start?

I’ve got good news for you. Seeing with an artist’s eye, drawing accurately, appreciating the beauty of nature with your brush—these things are skills gained with guidance and practice, not a quality of in-born talent. All people can learn how to draw and do it quite well if set in the right direction.


This place is for you if you want to ditch the generic paint-by-number tutorials.

With the resources I give you, you will soon have the necessary ideas to awaken your curiosity and to unlock your abilities of capturing what you see in form and color.

No gimmicks or shortcuts here.

Here, you’ll be gaining foundational knowledge to have for a life-long possession.

Soon you will learn how to use your mark-making tools and begin to sharpen your observational powers that will bring the world to life on your page. But more importantly, you will fill your mental gallery with images to delight you long after you shut your sketchbook.